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Vi har fått tag i några få exemplar av den populära C-serien NOS, New old stock. 

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Full size, full bandwidth floorstander

If you’re serious about sound, you’ll find the C7 an endlessly gratifying companion. With KEF’s phenomenal 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide, complemented by a pair of large 165mm (6.5in.) bass drivers, an intricate and disarmingly naturalistic three dimensional sound image floods the room. As with all of the new C Series models, the highly rigid cabinet is vented by a carefully contoured front port to provide a wide and extended bass.

Incredible performers – whatever your taste…

Acoustically the C Series provides the sort of clarity, definition and spatial precision normally associated with speakers of a much higher price. Power handling is uniformly excellent, so they’re easy to drive with virtually any amplifier and whether used for music, movies or games, the sheer quality of the sound they produce is equally captivating.