Moonriver model 404 Fågelsång

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Smått fantastiska Moonriver Audio model 404 Fågelsång. En handbyggd integrerad förstärkare som inte bara är otroligt snygg, den låter fantastiskt också. Ett varmt mjukt men detaljerat ljud som får de flesta högtalare att blomma ut. Den är dessutom utbyggbar med olika phonokort och DAC.

Att den dessutom är handbyggd i Sverige gör inte saken sämre. I den här prisklassen så får det nog nästan sägas aldrig. Behöver jag säga att mottagandet ifrån press och köpare varit en succé.

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Moonriver Model 404 is the outcome of a 3-year research, the aim being to achieve incredible performance regardless of price range. The 404 amplifier will extract hidden elements and render textures from within any audio format, with the source, speakers and room to set the limits. Its culture will suit all music, as the Model 404 is by design set to define the faintest nuances of which tone integrity is composed.

A hefty supply section ensures that ample healthy power is available at all times at all stages through separate rails. A fully discrete preamp section serves for acute dynamic awareness, while a high output stage that is custom-optimized for bandwidth and distortion warrants for neutral predisposition and transient fidelity. A laborious selection of components armors the design against tonal alteration, pretentious or not, thus preserving naturalness throughout the shortest feasible path.

Furthermore, an integrated phono stage, a USB DAC, two preamp outputs and a tape monitor loop expand functionality to form an ideally flexible integrated amplifier.


  • Inputs: 5 (line 1 and 4 optionally occupied by phono stage and USB DAC respectively, 1 x tape loop)
  • Outputs: 2 x preamp out, 1 x rec out
  • Power output: 50 W per channel into 8 Ω
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%
  • Signal to noise ratio: 95 dB (line)
  • Idle Consumption: 22 Watts
  • Dimensions (mm): 430 (W) x 390 (D) x 135 (H)
  • Weight: 12 kg