Real Cable HD-TDC högtalarkabel 2x3m 6.0mm2

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5 999 kr

Bästa högtalarkabeln från Real Cable! 2 x 3 meter. Silver, koppar och OCC koppar används.. går att använda som Bi-wire eller Trippel-wire.

Tri-metal conductors made of oxygen free copper (OFC), silver (SPC) and highly deoxygenated copper (OCC), strands in 6 different sections (TDC), braiding in 6 separate conductors for each channel (4 large OCC mono strands for the bass, 12 OFC mono strands for the high bass, 32 OFC multi strands for mid-bass, 65 OFC multi strands for the midrange, 1 braiding in 7 groups of very fine OFC strands for the high-midrange and 1 braiding in 7 groups of very fine silver strands for the treble), optimized for bi-wiring and tri-wiring, Quasi-Litz-type manufacturing, twisted conductors (reduction of the linear inductance), insulation of conductors with "Hollow tubes" (anti-vibration and capacitive effect reduced), smoked round outer sheathing.